The Good Stuff

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The world is in a mess – or maybe it’s just that the ease with which news flies around the globe nowadays makes us
more aware of events that a decade or more ago we would never have heard about.

And since bad news unfortunately sells better than good news, we are inundated daily with misery, injustices, fraud and corruption.

As an individual we often feel helpless in the face of this onslaught, and our enthusiasm for life and its numerous positive
aspects takes a back seat – or disappears altogether.

We need to counter this sinking, powerless feeling! We need to make our own earth elegant again

We maybe can’t right all the wrongs as individuals, but we can certainly contribute to making our world a better, more elegant and hopeful place by being
positive and doing small things within our sphere of influence that will make a small positive difference to someone, somewhere.

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Lots of small differences eventually add up to a big difference! is all about alerting you to what can make a positive difference in some small way – either to yourself, or
to somebody else, or to the overloaded environment, or to your future, or to mankind’s future.

What sort of things are we talking about here?

Just about anything that can help someone, somewhere have a better day, or days, or year, or life.

Here are a few examples of what we are talking about:
– A small gift of Lindt chocolate can turn someone’s day from a crappy day into a good day.

– Following a daily stretching program so that you feel good physically – this always translates into an improved mental attitude.

– Using a composter to make compost out of your kitchen waste and using that compost to grow fresh home grown nutritious veggies for home consumption. Not only will your family benefit health wise, but there is something soothing and satisfying about providing good wholesome food for your family table.

– Converting to solar power wherever possible in your household.

The possibilities are endless, the costs up to you, the benefits immeasurable and priceless.

Have an EarthElegant day!
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